Living Out Loud

Speaking for myself, there are times in life when everything seems to make more sense than others.  This is usually after a long stretch of being entrenched in the daily grind which can lead to doubt and uncertainty.  Then suddenly the world appears to open and for some reason it seems easy to see who I am and more importantly who I will never be.  Life’s passions become impossible to ignore and the unwillingness to go along with the flow of conformity and expectations intolerable.  Looking back becomes a road map for going forward.  Life no longer black and white, but colored by all the shades of gray.

Realizing living, loving and dreaming are gifts.  I think of friends and family who are gone and would imagine they would tell us all to live life to the fullest.  For me, it’s about being present and in the moment with my family, friends and life that surrounds me, recognizing the deepest moments are found in the smallest glimpses of life.

I am taking the time to live, to love, to dream, are you?


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