11 Things Only Women Understand About PMS

by Tiffany Greenfield, www.eleventhhourfiction.wordpress.com

  1.  YES, the teenager working the window at the fast food joint IS judging you.  So what if you forgot to drive away from the window before dipping fries into the chocolate shake?
  2. Going to the grocery store to pick up milk and returning home with chocolate ice cream, hot fudge, corn chips, tequila and forgetting the milk.
  3. Wearing a big fake flower in your hair instead of washing it.
  4. Why are people so slow?  Sure, it is Grandma’s assisted living home, but pick up the pace people!
  5. Telling your hairstylist, “I know I have been growing my hair for 3 years, but cut it off, cut it ALL off!”
  6. Yelling at the family for being too loud but turning up raunchy rock music as loud as possible when alone.
  7. Do you love me?  Are you sure?  Why did you roll your eyes?  It’s my sweater, right, you don’t like my sweater?  What do you MEAN we have THIS conversation every month?  Whatever!  Yeah, I am crying, so what!  You want to go out for ice cream?
  8. New shoes DO make everything better.
  9. Making eye contact with my husband on the couch and his interpretation is we just had a nice moment.  My interpretation, “When is he going to bed so I can eat a bowl of mashed potatoes in complete silence.”
  10. Does anyone else hear the cat thinking?  Seriously, it’s not funny!
  11. Checking the calendar and realizing PMS should start NEXT week not this.

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