Traces In The Sand

Traces In The Sand by Tiffany Greenfield

Unaware that he was watching, she danced down the beach.  Occasionally she would stop and crouch low to the ground appreciating the simplicity of nature, her sandy heels touching the pockets of her cut offs.  He marveled at this girl, HIS girl, she was growing up before his eyes and for every moment he was trying to capture, her childhood was disappearing as quickly as her footprints in the afternoon tide.

Days later he returned to the beach and found her shoe next to a piece of driftwood, right where she had left it.  All she would remember was that he found her shoe, but someday, years from now, she would find the Mason jar he kept with traces of her.  She would see the rock from a walk they took in the woods, a leaf from an autumn day, beach glass and a lifetime of other treasures, including the sand he emptied from her lost shoe.


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