Where the Peonies Bloom – Part 1

Photo by Chad Lyons

Photo by Chad Lyons


The dream had transported her back to him.  Unwillingly opening her eyes, she instantly felt his breath on her neck fading away and his whispered words disappeared into the afternoon air.  The sun was lower in the sky, the house would soon be full of the lives she had created and co-existed.   Napping was a luxury most couldn’t afford this time of the year, but she felt no guilt.  Unrecognizable, the reflection in the mirror meeting her gaze seems to be a stranger.   The obvious crow’s feet and laugh lines evidence of a life filled with laughter and joy.  Her eyes and skin tinted with colors of long forgotten or claimed ancestors.  As she stares, she is unwilling to believe that others don’t see past the façade to the deep cracks in her soul, the damage, the loss, the fear, the silence.  She is a chameleon adjusting to her surroundings, transforming for others, valuing others comfort more than her pain and shame.  But today, she looks closer at the reflection, for she has been seen.  As her soul cracks open, the light he somehow shines illuminates the dark corners, the fear and doubt real and present, briefly tamed.  The dream a silent nod and sign the time has come to rejoin him.  Dressing in the simple cotton dress adorned with small yellow flowers she so carefully had preserved from a distant place and time, she smiled.  Barefooted, she crossed the country road in front of the house and made her way over the hill to the pond below.  How many nights had she listened to the songs of the seasons, the peepers, the full throated bull frogs, the cicadas.  It was his face she saw in her mind’s eye as she entered the water, it was the music of nature that filled her ears, it was the cool clean water that filled her lungs as she traded her last living breath.  More alive in death than life, she welcomed the peace and light that greeted her.

To be continued……


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    As my Grandmother’s peonies wake up from their long winter’s nap, I am revisiting an ongoing story I am once again writing for. Please visit and read the first 8 parts of “Where The Peonies Bloom.” I have reblogged part 1, The other 6 parts can be found on this blog in the category by the same name. Enjoy!

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