I Remember You

I Remember You by Tiffany Greenfield www.eleventhhourfiction.wordpress.com

She was yelling in the phone, “Brush the dust off your suitcase, I am on my way!”  Jesus, she knew they were old, but Jane’s hearing seemed worse than normal.

“Harriet!  Is that you?” Jane screamed back.

“YES!  We are going to take a trip.  I will be over in an hour.  Get it together woman!”  Harriet sighed as she hung up.  Every year she lost a bit more of Jane, but lately it seemed like bits of her were disappearing daily.

She glanced at herself in the mirror.  She never imagined herself as old.  She wasn’t, on the inside.  But her dress code and shoe choice projected otherwise.

The last time they had made the trip to the house at the shore, Jane seemed to remember the years they had spent there as girls, not as grown women with families of their own.  She knew this would be the last time they would walk the beach looking for seashells while the ocean would kiss their toes.  Jane hadn’t even remembered they were going despite the daily reminders for the last week.

Tucking her long gray hair behind her ear, “It’s ok old girl, I remember you.”

Inspired by Joni Collier’s 5 Words:  Brush, Mirror, Shoe, Dress, Suitcase


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