Everyday Creativity

Everyday Creativity by Tiffany Greenfield www.eleventhhourfiction.wordpress.com

What is creativity?  The simplified definition is whereby something new is created that has subjective value.  There are those who will argue to the value of whatever has been created.  But I prefer to think of creativity on a greater level.  Meaning, creativity can be found in every aspect of life.  On numerous occasions I have been in a conversation with someone about my writing process and they will say, “I am just not creative.”  The funny thing is that most people who have said this to me, I consider them to be some of the most creative people I know!  Creativity is not just art, photography, writing and crafting.  Creativity is also how we live our lives.  It is how we juggle every aspect of our day and make all the pieces fit together.  It is singing in the car with our friends.  It is coming up with a new knock knock joke to tell the kids.  It is making a new dish for supper.  It is taking a hike, using all of your senses to appreciate the landscape and processing it in a way no other person has before.  It is listening to a friend and creating a moment between two people that will never be recreated.  It is standing in a crowd knowing that not one other person is having the exact same experience as you.  It is filing away every single moment, every single idea, every single detail and at a different time accessing the information and creating something new.  I have an ongoing joke with a friend who writes.  He will say, “Did you write anything today?”  I usually reply, “On paper?”  In the end, the subjective value of what has been created is set by the individual behind the creative wheel.  Which reminds me, I am creating memories today with my kids, because nothing will ever be again as it is at this very moment.  Try assigning a subjective value to that, I did, it is priceless.


2 thoughts on “Everyday Creativity

  1. Often, we are often conditioned into thinking we are not creative individuals, Truth be told, we are all inherently creative as you so eloquently state. The dialogue between you and your friend is priceless. It lends value to the seemingly mindless ramblings that occur in my head on my daily walk or commute. It is so true that we are all creative. Thanks so much for the reminder. If we feed that notion with love and care, who knows what we will be able to “create” 😉

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