150 Years Ago Today

150 Years Ago Today by Tiffany Greenfield www.eleventhhourfiction.blog.com

150 years ago today the 3 day Battle of Gettysburg began.  I can’t help but think of all the young men who died and were wounded that day not knowing the future of their nation.  I often wonder about today’s generation and if they would have the passion and commitment to do now what so many others have done before.  The men and women of 1863 couldn’t begin to imagine the world we live in today..  They lived in a world where it might be months or even years until  they were able to contact those they loved.  Today, I text my friends on the other side of the country and hear back immediately.  I don’t have to grow my food.  Preparing for winter means getting my snow boots out of my heated basement.  I don’t have to wear a corset or a petticoat.  We now walk and run for fun, not as a means to get to the next town or state.  If you think you have it bad living in this over indulged high tech world not getting exactly what you want when you want it….think again.  Take a few seconds away from checking your Facebook status and remember those who gave it all for you and the freedom you enjoy.


One thought on “150 Years Ago Today

  1. I commend those people who make the choice to use the marvels of technology responsibly and in moderation. It is so easy to lean on technology to the point of getting lazy and taking certain things for granted. The ironic thing is that taking the less technological approach to a task can be so much more rewarding physically, mentally, and spiritually. Thanks for the reminder to appreciate those that have come before us and have made everything we have today possible.

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