Old Growth

Photograph by Chad Michael Lyons

Photograph by Chad Michael Lyons

Standing in the forest of dead old growth trees he wept. Drying his piercing blue eyes he carefully planted a sapling beneath a layer of ash knowing life went on even in the darkest of days.

This picture inspired the brief glimpse above.  The picture is by my friend, Chad Lyons, who is a street photographer in Seattle.  The picture is of a man named Mark that he has talked with on several occasions.  Mark is homeless and to make a little money, he paints water color paintings, not an easy task in rainy Seattle.  One of the interesting things he shared with Chad was that after the Mount Saint Helens eruption in 1980, he personally planted thousands of trees during the recovery process and someday hopes to return to see the new growth.  I look at this picture and like a tree, see all the rings that are beyond the years of weathered bark.  Chad, thank you for letting me share your work and appreciating that everyone has a story.

Please take a moment to experience Chad’s work at http://www.chadmichaellyons.com/album/portfolio#ps-gal


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