Regulars By God

Eleventh Hour Mom

Regulars By God by Tiffany Greenfield

On a few occasions I have been out with my husband, who is a quiet and self assured kind of guy, and he has wandered off and I wonder where he is going and who he is talking to.  Then I realize, he is talking to a veteran.  I watch from afar and I always wonder what they say to each other.  It usually ends with them shaking hands and their alternate hands on each others shoulders at some point.  I don’t pry.  Sometimes he will tell me, “He served in the Pacific in World War II…” sometimes he just puts his sunglasses on and doesn’t say a word, but I know there is a lump in his throat and a tear in his eye.  It is hard to describe this brotherhood, this thing that never goes away with veterans, young and old, no matter how many years go by.  They…

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