Every Other

Every Other by Tiffany Greenfield www.eleventhhourfiction.wordpress.com

She left the house sometime after 2 a.m. Grape popsicles always tasted best eaten alone while walking in a snow storm. Her friends had normal holiday memories and odd to most, this was normal for her. Daddy never had much to offer but he did have a big imagination, a heart full of love,  time and a pocket full of change. Their relationship was an “every other weekend” kind of thing. He never slept on those weekends, always telling her he wasn’t going to give his turn over to the Sand Man. No matter what time of year or night they would walk, many times grabbing a frozen treat at the convenient store.   She would ramble on and on while he hung on every word from dolls to rainbows to lip gloss. Even when she was a teenager, he listened to her tales of who had broken her heart and how she dreamed of moving away. He had passed suddenly on the “other” weekend of her 17th year. At 40 something she still walked, carrying a purple stained popsicle stick and a dream in her pocket.”


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