11 Word Fiction

11 Word Fiction by Tiffany Greenfield www.eleventhhourfiction.wordpress.com


Sometimes a few words is all that is needed to convey a thought, emotion or experience.  I am starting a new category titled, “11 Word Fiction.”

To begin the category :  “The smoke swirling from his cigarette set her world on fire.”


2 thoughts on “11 Word Fiction

  1. Awesome idea and great first entry! Being the wordy person that I am, this would be a rather challenging exercise for me 😉 I remember composing a blog post near the beginning of my “blogging life” entitled “Your four words”. It took a long time for me to come up with four words that characterized me. Although it was difficult, it made you think much more deeply and carefully about the words you chose. Thanks for sharing and I look forward to many more of these pieces!

Thank you for stopping by and reading. I enjoy hearing from readers and fellow bloggers and invite you to share your comments. Please visit my non fiction blog at www.eleventhhourmom.wordpress.com WRITE ON!

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