She Lives On

She Lived On by Tiffany Greenfield

She was with me or was I with her when she took her last breath.  I remember the feeling of the water coming over us as we sank into the darkness, the silt and the muck sucking us under.  I remember thinking we needed to get someone’s attention to save us.  I remember seeing her jumping up and down, over and over and over, screaming for others to see her, to come help her, or us.  I remember her name was Emily and even when she was gone, she was not.  I could hear her thinking, pleading, begging, feeling, screaming, wanting, knowing and needing.  This was the first time I met Emily, in my dreams but in my life.  I wonder where she is tonight and if she is still wandering and wondering, begging and pleading or accepting.  But this I know, she lives on.


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